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Climate plays a big factor with balloons and helium and can impact on the pressure inside the balloons. We will endeavour to do everything to make sure that your balloons stay inflated for as long as possible, some environmental factors are out of our control.


All prices listed on the website are in Australian Dollars

All prices include 10% GST

Prices shown exclude delivery charges – these will appear in the check out section once you have made your selection.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express , Paypal and EWay

We also accept direct deposit upon request, with emailed proof of transfer.

Unpaid Corporate Accounts

Corporate Accounts that remain unpaid for a length of time will be forwarded to a collection agency. In the event of this occurring all costs associated with this are the responsibility of the customer.

Balloon Substitution

Whilst we do keep our stock regularly up to date, we are sometimes in a position where the particular balloon you have chosen is not available. In the event we are unable to provide you with the exact balloon you have ordered one of our team members will contact you to offer you with alternative balloon choices closest to your initial choice of balloon. It is our aim to make you as the customer as happy as possible.

Same-Day Service

We offer same-day delivery service for gift orders submitted by 10am AEST Monday-Friday, and 9am AEST on Saturdays (unless already fully booked).

Event Decoration

We generally require 2 days notice for event decoration orders to ensure we have the staff and enough stock on hand. If you have an urgent event decoration request please feel free to contact one of our friendly team members on 1300 596 611 or email sales@balloonhq.com.au and if we can we will supply it to you.

Refunds, Returns & Cancellations

We require 24 hours notice from the delivery date selected for a bouquet cancellation, which will incur a 10% processing fee.

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice from the delivery date selected for any function or event decorating cancellations. This will incur a 10% processing fee

We do NOT refund for orders cancelled on the day of delivery.


Inhaling Helium Gas is not a laughing matter. Whilst it may be funny to hear your voice turn like Donald Duck’s there is a serious side.

NEVER inhale the helium from a balloon.

Helium gas displaces the air in the lungs in the same way water does when you drown and you can quickly cause loss of consciousness and you can stop breathing and may die.

Inhaling helium gas under pressure direct from the pump can rupture air sacs in the lungs.


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